March 20, 2017

BTL Landlord Insurance in East London

“Let us arrange your Buy to Let Landlords Insurance, we could help save you money on your policy, and even more discount on multi property portfolio policies”

What is landlords insurance ?

If you are a Landlord and renting your property to tenants, then you will need a specific buildings and contents insurance called ‘Landlords Insurance’. In this instance the standard buildings and contents insurance will not suffice, and nor will it be acceptable in most cases to your lender as a requirement of their terms. Landlord Insurance usually contains all of the standard cover available on residential buildings insurances, but with some additional cover specifically designed for Landlords in the buy to let sector, including:

  • Liability for injuries or accidents that take place within your property
  • Cover for the non payment of rent by your tenants
  • Loss of earnings/rehousing costs if the tenants have to move out (following an insured event)
  • Cover for damage caused to your property by the tenants

As a Landlord, am I legally required to have landlords insurance ?

There is currently no legal obligation requiring Landlords to have any type of standard or Landlords Insurance in place for their buy to let properties that are being let. However, your lender will almost certainly stipulate in the terms of the mortgage a condition requiring a valid and appropriate Buildings insurance to be in place at all times throughout the term.

Our recommendation for buy to let Landlords would be to always take out a Landlords Insurance policy, as it covers you for the various additional pitfalls and perils associated with letting a property, some of which have been mentioned in the bullet points above. Having the appropriate level of cover that Landlord Insurance offers, provides peace of mind to both yourself as a Landlord and also the tenants of your property, that cover is in place to mitigate and ease the financial and mental stress of  any unfortunate accidents and events that could prevail during the course of tenancy.

How I can Help

I have access to the whole of market Insurance providers for your Buy to Let Landlords Insurance needs. I can research and arrange some of the most competitively priced and most suitable policies to meet your Insurance needs and requirements, whether it be for a single property or a multiple property portfolio.

I can provide you with concise and comprehensive advice and assistance regarding all aspects of your Buy to Let Landlords Insurance needs, from initial advice to application stage and all the way to completion. Having an insurance professional on hand to assist you every step of the process can save you time, effort and money, easing the stress of arranging insurance.

Please contact me today for an informal and friendly chat to discuss your needs. All initial advice is completely free and confidential. You can contact me using the “contact us” form at the top right of this Page and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or alternatively you can contact me via my details below, or  CLICK HERE

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